June 9-1th   6:00-8:00pm


Download our registration form!

Please turn the registration form into the office (located on Poplar Springs Drive) or email it to by May 26th.

 Dropoff/Pickup Info 

  • Drop-off is in the Gymnasium 5:30 pm (glass doors located in the back parking lot on the west side of the building).
  • Pick-up is in the Gymnasium 8:00 pm

* Your student will recieve supper each night. If your child has any alergies, be sure to mark them on the registration sheet. 

* Your child will be assigned a class and a crew leader that they will see every day. When you pick them up, the crew leader will take their name tag and write down their name on the Pick-up Sheet to ensure your child has been picked up by the specified guardian.


What To Bring

Yourself and a friend! We are also going to be collecting school supplies, books (in good condition), and we'll be raising money for our reading program.