Disciple Fast Track

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“The Springs: Where the Thirsty Find Life!” is committed to Becoming Disciples, Who Make Disciples for the Transformation of the World. Our vision is to apprentice with Jesus to love God with all we’ve got, and to love and serve the people of God.

Disciple Fast Track: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study is an opportunity and adventure, beginning in September, at The Springs.

Disciple Fast Track is Bible Study for busy lives! There will be a 90-minute group meeting once a week (12 weeks of Old Testament Study, August 25th-November 24th, stopping before Thanksgiving) (12 weeks of New Testament Study, January 5th-April 5th, stopping before Easter) and the theme of Sunday Worship will be what we are reading in the Bible each week.

Disciple Fast Track is a churchwide invitation for each of us to intentionally spend time in God’s Word, to read scripture as a church community, to pull away to a quiet place, to fall deeply in love with God, to move out into the world parish and love and serve the people of God, to pray for and with one another, to share Holy Communion at each group meeting, to worship with sisters and brothers in Christ on Sundays.

Disciple Fast Track will present the big picture of God’s Word, Genesis through Revelation, informing and transforming us with and through God’s story for the salvation of the world. There will be 3-5 chapters of Bible reading each day; a student manual to guide your reading, offering brief commentary, giving a focused theme, stating the human condition, and challenging with ‘marks of discipleship.’

Disciple Fast Track will ask an investment of your time; committing to reading the Bible; joining a study group; participating in worship; praying, loving and serving; and investing $15 for your Old Testament Student Manual, and $15 for your New Testament Student Manual. Prayerfully consider this opportunity as part of your spiritual wellbeing, and then contact the church office to sign up by Sunday, August 11, 2019!

Disciple Fast Track – Study Groups:
Sunday evenings, 5:00-6:30 P.M., August 25th-November 24th; January 5th-April 5th;
Tuesday mornings, 10:00-11:30 A.M., Aug. 27th-Nov. 26th; January 7th-April 7th

Fast Track
Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study